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Helmut Welke M.S.

President, Quad-City Creation Science Association

Speaker – Presenter for your Church, Youth group or School

Biographical information

Helmut is a recently retired engineering manager with John Deere & Company. He holds BS and MS degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Illinois and has held positions in a variety of national and international assignments. He is a certified engineering manager and in 2006 was elected to the board of trustees of IISE – an international society serving the Industrial & Systems Engineering profession. In 2012 he was honored as a “Fellow” of the IISE society.

Helmut is also president of the Quad-City Creation Science Association. Founded in 2008, they are dedicated to telling the truth in science education. He is also a member of the Creation Research Society and has been named an Ambassador/Speaker for Logos Research Associates. In recent years he has become a popular speaker on Creation Science topics as well as Atheism and Intelligent Design. He has spoken to churches, youth groups, on college campuses and civic organizations throughout the Midwest USA, but also in France, Germany and Poland.

Polls indicate that over 2/3 of Evangelical Youth walk away from the church after college. Our churches need to provide the apologetics and training to overcome the atheistic teaching to help the next generation develop a Christian worldview and the convictions that last a lifetime. Helmut’s presentations cover some technical information, but are designed for average audiences of all ages to comprehend and gain insight into our Created world. So that they too may become winsome case-makers for the Gospel and Biblical Creation.

Please contact Helmut at: [email protected] Or cell: 563-940-5360 There are no set fees for speaking engagements.

Topics for presentations related to Creation Science

Helmut Welke; M.S.
President, Quad-City Creation Science Association

“Top Three Reasons Evolution Is Bad Science” – Introductory talk that covers the basic questions surrounding the theory of evolution. These include “Could evolution start without a Creator?”, “Could evolution actually happen according to genetics?”, and “Did evolution actually happen in the past according to the fossil record?”

“Evolution: An Unnatural Selection” – Reviews the implications for theologians who try to compromise the Bible with Darwinian evolution. Included is a summary of the difference between natural selection and Darwin’s theory of a common ancestor. *Good for Sunday service.

“Atheism and the Origin of Life” – An explanation of the reality of Intelligent Design and the question of the origin of the first cell. Is spontaneous generation feasible, given today’s understanding of microbiology? This talk is especially good for university students and youth groups in general.

“Dinosaurs, People, and the Bible” – A review of seven key evidences that Humans and Dinosaurs co- existed. Some major discoveries have been made that show dinosaurs could not possibly have disappeared 65 million years ago. (good anytime! And very popular with young people.)

“Natural Selection and the Bible” – This presentation reviews what Natural Selection is all about. It reviews the claims of evolutionists (including what is in text books) pertaining to drug resistant bacteria and more. It results in a good understanding of the differences between Natural Selection & Darwinism.

“Human Genetics and the Bible.” A very interesting and dynamic PowerPoint presentation on DNA including very recent findings and how they relate to mutations. The implications of the Fall and curse of sin is clearly illustrated in modern genetics. A fascinating talk anytime, including *Sunday Services.

“Astronomy and the Bible” – Astronomy evidences for creation with an emphasis on scientific evidences for a young sun and young solar system.

“Big Bang in Big Trouble” – Astronomy, specifically the Big Bang theory is reviewed along with 10 scientific reasons the big bang theory is no longer scientifically viable.

“Millions of Years! Where Did the Idea Come From?” – Reviews the pre-Darwin history of doubting Genesis’s six days and the lack of science that is behind it. Interesting insights from Niagara Falls and more! Longer version can include a review of radiometric dating.

“Flood Geology” – A review of the geological evidences (such as Grand Canyon) for the World-Wide Flood of Genesis and issues such as the capacity of Noah’s ark. – two versions one with emphasis on rafting in the Grand Canyon, and one that ends with an altar call.

“In God’s Image? or Planet of the Apes?” – Investigates the evidence for Ape to Human evolution, including Neanderthals and Lucy, as well as some of the more recent discoveries.

“Comparative Anatomy: Evolution or Design?” A review of Homology and how it is used as evidence for Darwinian evolution, despite being based on circular reasoning.

“The Fossil Record: Evidence for Evolution or Creation?” Fossils! A review of how they are formed and what do they ‘say’ about earth history. Includes a review of some major fossils such as ‘Tiktaalik’ which are often cited as examples of transitional kinds.

“Evolution: Good or Bad Fruit?” – A review of the impact Darwinism has had on Culture and Science. – often done in conjunction with Ken Ham video from Answers in Genesis.

“Carbon-14 and the Age of the Earth” – A quick review of carbon-14 dating methodology. For all audiences wishing to have a general understand of dating methods. The assumptions and some startling results from around the world are reviewed.

Letters of Recommendation

Clinton Evangelical Free Church (PDF)

Legacy Baptist Church (PDF)

Grace Evangelical Free Church (PDF)


To whom it may concern,

This is to introduce Helmut Welke and recommend to you and your congregation his creation science program. Helmut has served our Lord and His church for many years here at Grace and provided outstanding leadership for our congregation in several positions. He is a person of excellent character and integrity, and has superior communication skills as well as a passion for people to know God’s truth.

Helmut has been actively involved in promoting creation science in the Quad Cities area. His reputation in the local evangelical churches is stellar and has been a blessing to many Christians in our area.

I heartily and unequivocally recommend His ministry to you and your church. He has a firm grasp of his material and will communicate it clearly and compellingly. I know he will be a blessing to your flock.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Bob Bressert

Dr. Robert G. Bressert,
Senior Pastor, Grace Evg. Free Church 5520 Eastern Ave. Davenport, IA 52807 (563) 388-0740