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movie2Quad-City Creation Science Association is a sponsor of the new Rich Christiano Film “A Matter of Faith”. We are working to bring it to Davenport but need your help.

  • Davenport 53rd – 18 screeens
  • 3601 East 53rd Street,
  • Davenport,  IA  52807

We need your help to pre-sell 1000 tickets for the weekend of Oct. 17-19.   – before the opening on Oct 17. You can simply go for matinee showings – same price $7.50 before 6pm Friday Oct 17, or Saturday Oct 18, or Sunday Oct 19 / or call us for discounted evening showings. 

Matinee Show times:  12:15pm, 2:45pm, 5:15pm.  Evening: 7:45pm, 10:15pm

Please call 563-449-8111 to request evening showings at discounted prices:

  •  7:45pm  $8.00 each  (normal price $9.50)
  • 10:15pm  2 tix for $10.00  (normal $9.50 each)
  • Specify which day (Fri, Sat, or Sun) and time. (these are tickets for specific showtimes)
  • Be sure to include your contact information. (call or email us with all info at contact form)
  • We will send you info on where to mail a check made out to “QC Creation Science”  or when we meet or via call back to you and you can use a credit card.
  • We will deliver tickets or mail them to you (when paid in advance) or call you to make delivery arrangements.

Group Sales: Leave your name, phone number, organization name, number of tickets for the different times (Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Show Times) and the total tickets you would like.

We have committed to bring this movie to the Quad Cities: please help by buying tickets in advance and also by promoting it at church.

Watch the trailer now!

  • “A Matter of Faith is perfect for America today. We need this message. At AiG we don’t endorse very many movies, not even many of those that are supposedly ‘Christian’ based. But we are getting fully behind A Matter of Faith!”
  • –Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis
  • “A great movie. Heart-warming, educational, God-honoring, and timely.”
  • –Ray Comfort, Living Waters Ministries
  • “A clash of worldviews puts a spotlight on the creation-evolution debate in this captivating film. A committed Christian dad, a doubting daughter, and a charismatic liberal professor stir up a lot of tension and intrigue on campus. It has solid Biblical principles and a gripping plot. Kudos to the Christianos for another outstanding family-friendly film.”
  • –Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

richAbout the producer, Rich Christiano:

Rich has been producing, writing and directing Christian films since 1985. His acclaimed films inspire and challenge viewers in their spiritual thinking. Some of his previous movies include Time Changer, Unidentified and The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. This is Rich’s seventh film as both writer and director, and a subject he has great passion for. His hope is that A Matter Of Faith will make a lasting mark on all viewers for eternity!

The movie centers on a common problem in our culture where many youth from churches experience a challenge to their faith by professors at colleges that teach evolution as fact.

Without solid, biblically based answers some students will question if what they were taught by the church is true. Films like this give them the confidence to know that true science supports the biblical view of creation.   The movie has been endorsed by Answers in Genesis, the American Family Association, and Living Waters Ministries.

It is about a Christian girl, Rachel Whitaker (Jordan Trovillion) who goes off to college for her freshman year and begins to be influenced by her popular Biology professor (Harry Anderson) who teaches that evolution is the answer to the origins of life. When Rachel’s father, Stephen Whitaker (Jay Pickett) senses something changing with his daughter, he begins to examine the situation and what he discovers catches him completely off guard.

Again, Please call 563-449-8111 and request a preview of the movie or more information or leave your order – be sure to include your contact information. contact us.