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June 14 / 7:00pm - Rocks and Fossils

Beyond “Is Genesis History?” – Additional Scenes from the hit documentary with Del Tackett. Join us for a special time investigating Rocks and Fossils. These amazing clips were not included in the movie but are very special footage in their own right. We will watch several 20-minute clips of interviews of scientists on location.  Helmut will be available to answer questions.  And we will have DVDs of the full series, the original documentary and more for sale at special prices.

Location: Grace Evg. Free Church / 5520 Eastern Ave, Davenport, IA  52807

Do you know the difference between ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Evolution’?

Today many people regularly confuse the terms of “natural selection” (variation within a created Kind) and “evolution” (meaning the major changes over time from Microbes to Mankind). These are two very different concepts and should not be confused.
“Natural Selection” means some existing characteristics of a genus or species can become more dominant or less dominant. This includes the length of beaks in finches and the dominant coloring of moths, and even dominant hair and skin color in humans. This variation can be controlled by humans (i.e. dog breeding) and can also happen naturally due to droughts and other natural causes. But, there is never a whole new ‘kind’ of animal evolving. Unfortunately there are many text books that give several examples of natural selection, and then say this proves evolution. You don’t have to think very long to realize that there is something wrong with that statement. Having the numbers of mostly darker or lighter colored moths change statistically over time does not prove Darwinian evolution.  The moths will evolve into eagles or a new creature. In some text books it is admitted no new species evolved. Yet many evolutionary books will confuse the 2 terms and try to lead unknowing students into believing in evolution. But, no examples of real Darwinian evolution are given.
Creationists before and after Darwin, do not disagree at all with natural selection – or Mico- Evolution as some call it. But Natural Selection will never change a worm-like creature in the sea into oak trees, giraffes, eagles and people. The late S.J. Gould (Harvard university) wrote in Scientific American, (Oct 1994) “Natural selection is therefore a principle of local adaption, not of general advance or progress.” (meaning it does not advance the evolution of more complex creatures.)
Considering Darwin’s finches – those with larger beak allows them to eat harder seeds when soft seeds go into short supply. So they survive and breed, while their small beaked cousins die off. Natural Selection does cause variation in the frequency of specific traits – but always within strict limits. It actually was a creationist who broadly discussed this idea before Darwin. Edward Blyth wrote three major articles on natural selection that were published in The Magazine of Natural History from 1835 to 1837. Blyth correctly saw the concept of natural selection as a mechanism by which the sick, old and unfit were removed from a population; as a preserving factor of a created kind. But Natural Selection never creates new and usable information. There is NO mechanism genetically for Darwin’s theory to create new information. Modern genetics has proven Darwin completely and absolutely wrong. Only people who do not research much into Genetics still believe this can happen.
Pierre P. Grassé, one of the most distinguished of all French scientists, published a book, “L’Evolution du Vivant” -and his conclusion is even stronger – that biology is impotent in explaining the origin of species, and must yield to a supernatural explanation. Darwinian evolution simply has no proof – None – Not when you look a little bit into the details. It just a game of words. And it is not even close. It is far more logical to accept that there is a creator God. And yes, many evolutionists have admitted they have no mechanism to advance from one species or ‘family’ to another.

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(Evolution!)  “It is choking us and holding us back … Every single concept advanced by the theory of evolution (and amended thereafter) is imaginary as it is not supported by the scientifically established probability concepts. Darwin was wrong… The theory of evolution may be the worst mistake made in science.
-I.L.Cohen, Mathematician & Researcher, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Officer of the Archaeological Institute of America, Darwin Was Wrong – A Study in Probabilities, PO Box 231, Greenvale, New York 11548: New Research Publications, Inc. pp 6-8, 209-210, 214-215..

“Every history of the 20th Century lists three thinkers as preeminent in influence: Darwin, Marx and Freud.

  • All three were regarded as “scientific” (and hence far more reliable than anything “religious”) in their heyday.    
  • Yet Marx and Freud have fallen, and even their dwindling bands of followers no longer claim that their insights were based on any methodology remotely comparable to that of experimental science.
  • I am convinced that Darwin is next on the block. His fall will be by far the mightiest of the three.”

phillipPhillip E. Johnson, “Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds”, Inter-Varsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, USA, p. 95, 1997.

Phillip E. Johnson (1940) is a retired UC Berkeley law professor and author. He became a born-again Christian while a tenured professor and is considered the father of the intelligent design movement.

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