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We are a non-denominational, non-profit association dedicated to Telling the Truth in Science Education and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord of all.


1) Promote Creation Science and Biblical authority in Quad-City churches and schools.

2) Provide resources and information to high school and college students seeking information on Creation Science and refuting the false dogma of evolution.

3) Propagate awareness of scientific facts supporting special creation in the Quad City general community, and to expose the fallacies of darwinian evolution.


To show the compatibility, in fact strong agreement where topics overlap, between the Truth of the Bible and Science.We reject the notion that Christianity and Science are exclusive of each other, or that Biblical truths should be waived in favor of mans theories. In fact an honest search for Truth, brings a person to a strong and solid harmony between the God of the Bible and sciences.

This makes perfect sense if you realize that the Creator would actually be the author of the laws of science that govern our world and universe.This is what motivated Sir Isaac Newton, and almost all founders of the branches of science we know today.

Monthly Meetings are typically 2nd Tuesday of the month: (but not always!)

Check this website for meeting updates, news, and mid-western events.

MEMBERSHIPS ($20 individual, and $25 family) help with seminar costs; publicity, speaker expenses, and provide book/ DVD discounts to members.

It is not necessary to be an official member to attend any of our events.

Contact us here. for more info or to join.